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  • Pathfinder Society Home Page – The official Paizo website for Pathfinder Society. It contains the official Pathfinder Society forums.
  • – A community website designed to highlight play opportunities throughout the world and hold various community-created resources for making pay easier.
  • Additional Resources – A list of everything that is legal to use for your character
  • GM Shared Prep Drive – A community-created forum containing tons of prep work for PFS scenarios and modules. When prepping a scenario, look here to see if someone has already done the work before you.
  • Guide to Society Organized Play – A free PDF document that lists all the PFS-specific rules. Everyone should download this.
  • Pathfinder Society FAQ – Various rulings by campaign staff such as “Can Crossblooded and Wildblooded be combined?” (No) or “Do effects of weapon blanches carry over from scenario to scenario?” (Yes)


  • Character Sheets & Inventory Tracking Sheets – (also available at the back of the Guide to Society Organized Play)
  • New Character Reference Sheet – Created by our friendly VL to the east, Brian Lefevbre and edited by us, this is a quick cheat sheet with lots of information about starting a character and what happens after a scenario. Works well as a Chronicle Sheet 0.
  • Pregenerated Characters – The PFS legal pregens for when there are only 3 players or someone doesn’t have a character within range
  • Secondary Success Conditions – For Seasons 0-4, the list of conditions for players to earn the second prestige in a scenario. (Here is a version with a separate spoiler for each scenario in case you are afraid of spoiling other scenarios for yourself.)

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