7th Dimension Games

491 York Rd.
Jenkintown, PA 19406
PFS games every 2nd Saturday – Forums
PFS ACG every Saturday in October

Allied Hobbies

9475 Roosevelt Blvd
Philadelphia PA, 19114
PFS games every 4th Saturday – Warhorn

The Compleat Strategist

580 Shoemaker Rd.
King of Prussia, PA
PFS games every 1st and 3rd Saturday – Warhorn

Redcap’s Corner

3617 Lancaster St.
Phila., PA 19104
PFS games every Tuesday night – Warhorn
Redcap’s PFS Google Group

Meetup Groups

There are various groups on dealing with playing RPGs in the Philadelphia area. While most of these don’t have regular PFS groups, they certainly have plenty of players who might be recruited into either PFS or home games.


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