News for 5/13/14

12 May

Philly-Specific News

DEXCON is looking for GMs from July 2nd to July 6th. Right now their warhorn is empty, but if you want to GM, you can email David Santana at VLTRokktor (at) yahoo (dot) com.

Redcap’s Summer Game Day has been announced. It is a one day event happening at Redcap’s Corner on July 26th, much like the winter gameday. Signups are open for both GMs and players!

Brian Lefebvre will be hosting a gameday at All Things Fun on the weekend on August 1st to 3rd. Details will be coming soon, but if you don’t mind the trip to southern jersey, you should keep the weekend open!

Pathfinder Society General News launched yesterday. The website is created by a group of Venture Officers to help highlight play opportunities throughout the globe and to be a resource to help run and play Pathfinder Society games more smoothly. As of time of writing, they have 4 blog posts up (mostly about running Season 0 games in today’s society)

There was also an FAQ for PFS that clarifies what it means to be a worshiper of a deity and what it takes to switch deities. Basic rules are: anyone can worship as long as they are within one alignment of their deity. You can switch deities between sessions for free, but you need an atonement if you need to change alignments and you need to pay to retain for any thing your character has that is incompatible with your new deity.

Pathfinder General News

Inner Sea Gods was released at the end of April. It is a hardcover book detailing the main 20 faiths of Golarion with additional information on the other minor deities, The book has lots of good content, both crunch and fluff, and most of it is legal for PFS. As a friendly heads up for PFS, you’ll need to pick up the book if you have characters that fall under one of two categories:

  • You want feats from Faiths of Purity, in particular Butterfly Sting. Those feats originally didn’t have worshiper requirements, but since they got reprinted in Faiths of Purity, they do now. From now on you need to worship Desna if you want Butterfly’s Sting.
  • You want to worship an empyreal lord (from Chronicles of the Righteous) and you want subdomains. Chronicles of the Righteous originally said that empyreal lords grant all subdomains of their domains, but that’s not how subdomains work. Inner Sea Gods brings them back in line with where they are supposed to be.
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