Welcome to the Philly PFS Website!

03 Oct

Welcome to the official website for Pathfinder Society in Philadelphia! Our goal is to help you find games to play in and provide ample resources for players and GMs alike. Here’s what’s available on the site so far:

  • Calendar of Gamedays and Cons – so you can see when and where games are being played
  • Factions – A list of season 5 scenarios and applicable factions for GMs and players alike
  • Links & Downloads – Important and useful resources links & downloads for GMs and players alike
  • Venues – Contact information for all the places where PFS is played in Philly

Now that the website is live, here are some things you can expect from it in the future:

  • News & Updates – A biweekly update newsletter/blog post containing info about PFS games going on in the region, rules changes and messageboard clarifications from the Paizo boards, website updates, and other related information which we want to highlight.
  • Other Articles related to Pathfinder & PFS – My goal is to get something up here weekly written by me or one of the other members of our PFS community.
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