Prepping for Unseelie Court – Players

11 Oct

Unseelie Court is almost upon us! For some of you, Unseelie Court will be your first big Pathfinder convention, so here’s some tips to help make the best of that weekend:

  1. Prelevel your characters. Conventions are big social events. Most people who play PFS in Philly are going to be there, including players from all 3 stores with active PFS games. Add on top of that the players and GMs that are coming in from out of state and that’s a lot of brand-new people to get to know and talk to. You’re going to miss out on a lot of fun if you’re sitting there trying to figure out what feat you should take at level 5. You may not be able to guess at what equipment you’re picking up, but everything else about character advancement is easy enough to plan ahead.
  2. Bring paper copies of your character sheets. Dumb stuff happens to computers. I know – I spent a couple years fixing the dumb stuff that happened to people’s computers. The last thing you want to happen to you is to have your computer crash in the middle of the slot. If this happens during a normal session where there’s only one game, that’s not too bad, as you finish out the slot as best as you can and get your computer fixed later, but a computer crash has the potential to knock out a whole weekend at a con. Bringing paper copies of your character sheet can safeguard against losing all your character records for the weekend.
  3. Bring your other characters (including a brand new level 1 build). I’m planning on playing in 3 scenarios throughout the weekend and using 2 characters for those 3 scenarios. Despite only using 2 characters, I’m bringing 9 of my 10 of my active characters with me. (The 10th is stuck in a play-by-post game and I can’t use him while he’s in it.) I don’t know what’s going to happen – I could be needed to help fill a lower level table at one of the specials. One of the tables that I’m running could not go off and I need to fill in another table somewhere else. A scenario could end early and someone could offer to run a 1 hour PFS quest (this happened to me at the last Seelie Court). By having my characters on me, I’m keeping myself open to whatever happens at the convention.
  4. Be flexible. If everything goes as according to plan on the Warhorn, I will be thoroughly surprised. We will be trying to keep the signups as close as we possibly can to the Warhorn, but even the best laid plans of mice and men don’t work out 100%. There will still be plenty to do while your at the convention, including non PFS games like the X-Men pit battle and Shadowrun Missions.
  5. Bring sources! Your regular GM may know that you have the Advanced Pie Guide, Ultimate Pie and Faiths of Pie, but you probably won’t be playing with your regular GM. Bring your stuff in case there are any questions.

Feel free to leave any other tips you have in the comments below!

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One response to “Prepping for Unseelie Court – Players

  1. Matt

    October 11, 2013 at 4:26 pm

    Something that I did that was helpful before Seelie Court: Went through all of my chronicles and made a cheat sheet that listed all of my boons in one place. I probably had 20 boons that I had forgotten about, and that I never would have used if I hadn’t organized them. Those boons definitely came in handy during Eyes of the Ten!


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