News for 10/19/13

19 Oct

Local News

We’re in the middle of Unseelie Court right now, and we’ve had an awesome turnout! We have a five table Siege of the Diamond City going off as this post is being written. Defending Nerosyan is tough work, but they seem to be holding off the demons for now!

In other con news, MEPACON signups are open. Sign up soon to make sure the tables you want are available!

Pathfinder General News

Weapon cords have been errata’d. Now you can retrieve the weapon tied on the other end of them as a move action (as opposed to a swift action). FAQ here. Note that due to rules for retraining in PFS due to rules changes/clarifications, you may sell weapon cords back at their full price, but you may not change anything else about your character.

If you are a divine class with a deity whose favored weapon is unarmed strikes, your deity now gives you the feat Improved Unarmed Strike. Previously this only worked for Clerics, but not other classes that worshiped a deity. Inquisitors of Irori rejoice! FAQ here.

A couple answers on retraining. First, when you retrain something, it only matters if you meet the prerequisites now – not when you gained the feat that you are replacing. For example, you can have a rogue take Skill Focus (Craft (pie)) at first level, then retrain into Weapon Focus at 2nd level, even though the rogue didn’t have +1 BAB at first level, he has it when he retrains and that’s all that matters. FAQ here.

Also on retraining, there was an idea floating around call “bootstrapping,” where you retrain levels of the classes that you used to qualify for a prestige class into more levels of the prestige class, using the other prestige class levels to qualify. The hammer has come down on that practice. FAQ here.

Spell Mastery is no longer a wizard-only feat in Pathfinder Society. Back in the days of the Core Rulebook, the only arcane prepared caster was a wizard, so the feat only references wizards. Since then, we’ve had alchemists, witches and magi (plus who knows what coming out of Advanced Class Guide!), so John Compton has PFS house-ruled it to also apply to all other prepared arcane casters. (For people who are reading Spell Mastery and wondering why people would take it, it’s a prerequisite to get into Magaambyan Arcanist.) Messageboard post here.

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