News for 9/15/14

15 Sep

Philly-Specific News

We have 3 conventions coming up over the next couple months.

The first is Unseelie Court 2014, a 3-day convention hosted by Redcap’s Corner. This will be on October 24th-26th and will feature the first 6 levels of the Emerald Spire along with the big interactive special, Legacy of the Stonelords.

After that. on November 7-9 will be Nerdvemberfest. Events aren’t up yet, but I’ll send out an email when they are. This is not a PFS-only convention, so feel free to come and play a slot or two of PFS while trying out other things as well.

Lastly November 14-16 is MEPACON, a 3-day convention held out in Clark’s Summit, PA. While not technically in our area, there will be a number of Philly people there and Jason Schimmel usually does a good job with PFS. I’d recommend that you take a look!

Pathfinder Society General News

John Compton posted a large amount of clarifications to issues brought up by the Year of the Sky Key. Normally I would try to break them down and explain each one, but John did a good job of that, so I’m going to link to that post and do a quick summary here:

  • The Guide overrules Additional Resources when it comes to Warpriest retraining due to the playtest. (You know, what we all figured was going to happen.)
  • Playtest shaman who took features for summoning can retrain those since the summon spells were stripped off of their list.
  • We have retraining synergies for all the ACG classes now! I made a table for those of you who find that a little confusing. (Although I’m waiting on a couple clarifications, so this may be updated depending on the response from the powers that be.)
  • You hold onto stuff from your previous faction. If you were a Hellknight before, you’re still a Hellknight, even though there is no Cheliax faction.
  • The nation-based factions basically morphed into the ideal-based factions. If you’re a former Andoran, you don’t need to spend that character’s free faction change in order to switch into Liberty’s Edge.
  • If you were a member of the Risen, you don’t get a free faction change, but if you became a member of the Risen before Season 6, then you can pay to switch factions. On the other hand, if you got it afterward the start of Season 6, then you’re stuck.
  • You need the Technologist feat for skill checks involving technology.
  • Creatures with hardness don’t take half damage from energy attacks.
  • Investigators can craft like an Alchemist.
  • The Ratfolk and Samsaran sections from the ARG are legal to play if you have the boon.
  • If a deity grants a domain, it grants that Warpriest blessing as well.
  • You cannot pick any language you want for a ring of eloquence.

Pathfinder General News

While I don’t highlight every product that Paizo puts out, there is one I would like to highlight, and that is the Iconic Heroes Miniatures. Getting involved with buying miniatures can be a very expensive hobby, but getting a full set of the Iconics can be really useful, especially if you do a lot of GMing and people need minis for the 4th player pregen they’re bringing (or a new player at the table is using a pregen.) They’re coming out in 2015, and you can see the first two sets previewed here and here.

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