Expansions in Philly!

29 Sep

We’re proud to announce two new locations where Pathfinder Society will be taking place in the Philadelphia area!

The first is Allied Hobbies, a game store up in Northeast Philly. They’ll be holding PFS games every third sunday of the month, starting on October 19. You can check out their Warhorn, and their address is up on the Venues page.

If you’ve been following the Paizo site, you know that the RPG is not the only game in town. Paizo is trying to start an Organized Play system for the Adventure Card Game as well. It’s been a little rocky getting off of the ground, but it looks like everything will be available in October, and 7th Dimension will be the first location offering the Adventure Card Game in the Philly area. They’ll be hosting it every Saturday in October – if you’re interested check out our venues page and calendar page for more information.


More information related to the ACGOP will be arriving on this site, so stay tuned!

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